Bruce Springsteen

Atlantic city

by: doom

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[b]Capo na 3. polju[/b]

Well, they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night
           Em        G                C           G

Now, they blew up his house, too
         Em         G                 C           G

Down on the boardwalk they're gettin' ready for a fight
           Em           G                  C      G

Gonna see what them racket boys can do
     Em        G                    C             G

Now, there's trouble bustin' in from outta state
             Em         G            C     G

And the D.A. can't get no relief
       Em        G           C            G

Gonna be a rumble out on the promenade
          Em     G          C             G

And the gamblin' commission's hangin' on by the skin of his teeth
        Em            G                        C           D

Well now, ev'rything dies, baby, that's a fact
         Em     G                C        G

But maybe ev'rything that dies someday comes back
          Em           G           D         Em

Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty
                G            C       G

And meet me tonight in Atlantic City
    Em       G           C       G

Em  G  C  G

Well, I got a job and tried to put my money away
But I got debts that no honest man can pay
So I drew what I had from the Central Trust
And I bought us two tickets on that Coast City bus
Now, baby, ev'rything dies, honey, that's a fact...

Now our luck may have died and our love may be cold
D      C                          Em

But with you forever I'll stay
   C         D            Em

We're goin' out where the sand's turnin' to gold
      C                         Em

Put on your stockin's baby, `cause the night's gettin' cold
C      G                          C            G

And maybe ev'rything dies, baby, that's a fact
   C           G                C         G

But maybe ev'rything that dies someday comes back
          C          G             D         C

Em  G  C  G

Now, I been lookin' for a job, but it's hard to find
Down here it's just winners and losers and don't
   get caught on the wrong side of that line
Well, I'm tired of comin' out on the losin' end
So, honey, last night I met this guy and I'm gonna
   do a little favor for him

Well, I guess everything dies, baby, that's a fact...
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