Bob Dylan

Lily Of The West

by: Marin Siric

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Hm              D    A
When first I came to Louisville,
     G                 Hm
some pleasure there to find
  Hm                D     A
A damsel there from Lexington
    G              Hm
was pleasing to my mind
    Hm               D    A
Her rosy cheeks, her ruby lips,
     G                 Hm
like arrows pierced my breast
        Hm                D  A
And the name she bore was Flora,
    G           Hm
the lily of the west.

I courted lovely Flora some pleasure for to find
But she turned unto another man whose sore distressed my mind
She robbed me of my liberty, deprived me of my rest
Then go, my lovely Flora, the lily of the west.

Away down in yonder shady grove, a man of high degree
Conversin' with my Flora there, it seemed so strange to me
And the answer that she gave to him it sore did me oppress
I was betrayed by Flora, the lily of the west.

I stepped up my rival, dagger in my hand
I seized him by the collar, and bodly made him stand
Seing mad by desperation I pierced him to the breast
All this for lovely Flora, the lily of the west.

I had to stand my trial, I had to make my plea
They placed me in the witness box and then commenced on me
Although she swore my life away, deprived me of my rest
Still I love my faithless Flora, the Lily of the west.
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