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  • Amps for Peavey

    • Datum:   01-08-2009 13:09
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    Van Halen
    Equipment Used

    * Kramer Baretta
    * Peavey 5150
    * Dod stereo phaser
    * Aria flanger
    * Ibanez Soundtank echomachine
    * Alesis Microverb reverb

    This sound is as close as I can get to the Van Halen I sound with the equipment I have. It is fat and juicy with a very similar top end response. No doubt it would sound better if I could afford an MXR phaser and flanger. The soundtank delay is raw sounding, and gives a good 70's tape delay type sound (a bit like Ed's echoplex) only cheap!

    Phaser (b/t guitar and amp) set nice and slow for solos only. 5150 lead channel gain 5.5, bass 10, middle 2, treble 5, post gain 1.2, resonance 6, presence 9.5 (This is for bedroom levels - as you increase the post gain, decrease the presence to compensate for added top end). F/X loop: Flanger, slow, not too much depth, set for midrangey sweep. Only used to accentuate certain phrases. Echo set for slapback, not too loud (used on most solos, all of Jamie's Cryin', Atomic Punks, etc.) Reverb mid-length decay, not too loud. If you are recording, add it afterwards for stereo reverb. (obviously with guitar panned left) Guitars with different pickups (the Kramer has relatively powerful humbuckers) will obviously need different gain and treble settings. Back off guitar volume for cleaner sounds.

    Straight-up Lead Sound
    Equipment Used
    Gibson SG with JB in bridge and 59 in neck position.

    If you want a straight-up lead sound with low-end crunch, dynamics and plenty of harmonics, try this setting. It really cuts through without losing note definition or sounding harsh. It really sounds good at high volumes.


    Lead channel on 5150
    Pre: 6
    Low: 10
    Mid: 2.5
    High: 2.5
    Resonance: 8
    Presence: 3
    Post: loud

    Concert Rock
    Run from instrument to the wah to the amplifier. I sometimes use a boss digital reverb/delay 9hooked up through the effects loop) for recordings. I use the peavey footswitch and use the bright option for the clean channel. I use a PRS custom (mahogany body and neck, maple top) so a Les Paul will sound good through this also. Stay away from single coil guitars when using these settings. When I use my strat it sounds like crap. When using any other effects run them through the effects loop, it sounds a buttload better.

    Channel A left volume: 2
    Channel B left volume: 4
    Low: 8.5
    Middle: 2
    High: 4.5
    Channel A right volume/gain: find volume that matches B level
    Channel B right volume/gain: 3
    Resonance: 9.2
    Presence: 8.6

    Slick Hard Rock
    Equipment Used
    I use an old Roland GP-8 in the F/X loop, for the delay only, set to 300 ms, just enough to hear it.

    Duncan JBs and DiMarzio Super Distortions are particularly nice with a 5150, in the bridge of course.

    Big rock'n polished studio sound, live! AND at family room volumes!

    Eddie's settings as a start.

    6.2 6.6 6.6 2.0 5.0 4.5 4.4 3.5 6.2
    pre pre low mid hi mst mst res prs

    Crunch switch IN. I haven't changed much at much. I keep coming back to this sweet spot since 93. I just put the mid on 3 and the resonance and presence both on 7!

    Bandit 112

    Jimi Hendrix
    Good quality controllable emulation of saturation of vacuum valves, meaning just like Jimi's amp

    A strat or copy of one straight in to amp on distortion channel put the extra mid button in which is on the top and turn distorion up full and put in the vintage tube emulator on the bottom in turn the mid all the way up treble on minus 3-4 or 5 mix it up with the treble and bass on 4 or 5 mix up again and no reverb and use the high channel.

    Hard heavy tone perfect for crushing rhythm. Octive chords sound great. Seriously, no other way that this amp sounds better.

    The clean setting could be better but I set it:
    Low: 8-9
    Mid: 2-3
    High 4-5-6
    Bright: nope

    . For heavy distortion I set:
    Low: 9-10
    Mid: 1-2
    High: 4-5-6
    Pre-gain: 8-9-10
    Gain boost: in
    Thrash: in
    Resonance: in
    Presence: 4-5-6
    Dynamic: full 99%-100%

    The sound is useful for all gear but the better the guitar the better the amp reacts.

    low mid and high all set on (3)
    presence on (6)
    supersat (10)
    bottom (12)
    body (9)
    edge (12)
    reverb (2)
    bright gain and shift are all pushed in

    Delta Blues

    SRV Fat Blues
    Fat Strat ala SRV, the bass is turned down here but most tube amps produce more bas when cranked or in distortion.

    Clean channel - 5 to 8.
    Pre-gain - 6 to 8.
    Post Gain - up high enough to match clean level or a touch more for boost.
    Treble - 7 to 8
    Mid - 7 to 10
    Bass - 4 to 5
    Reverb - 6

    Nashville 400

    Equipment Used: BW 1501-4 speaker

    Pre Gain: variable
    Post Gain: 7
    Low: +12
    Mid: -9 (around 9 o'clock)
    Shift: 800 (around 2 o'clock)
    High: 0 to -1 or +1
    Presence: 0 to +3
    Reverb: as needed, usually +/-4 (around 10 o'clock)

    Rage 128

    Heavy distortion for such a little amp, recommended post setting is at somewhere under 1 (above that gets pretty loud.. but I guess that's the idea)

    Pre: 10
    Post: 1
    Low: 10
    Mid: 0
    High: 8

    Rage 158

    Equipment Used
    Gibson Epiphone Special II electric guitar and a Peavey Blazer 158 amp.

    It's good for punk-style music. Lots of distortion and a good output.

    Volume: N/A
    Channel: Lead
    PreGain: 10
    PostGain: 1-3
    Voicing: The top one, I think it's Modern (I'm at school)
    Low: 6-8
    Med: 1-3
    High: 4-6
    Reverb: 0

    Punk Sound
    Equipment Used
    Fender Squier, single coil, bridge pickup. Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal

    A good, high end punk sound this setting is with the Boss DS-1, and i have the Tone knob set up pretty high on the pedal and the distortion all the way up.

    Volume - wherever you want it
    Lows - 10
    Mids - 10
    Highs - 3-4

    Dead Kennedys
    Pre: 6
    Post: whatever
    Low: 3
    Med: 5
    High: 7

    Studio Pro 112

    Heavy Metal
    Equipment Used
    Washburn BT-2 guitar, DOD grunge distortion pedal.

    This is a great sound to play punk, or heavy metal. A very thick and heavy sound.

    *note* this set up sounds even better with a distortion pedal, i recommend the DOD distortion pedal, it gives you that round, fat, chunky sound.


    Clean channel
    Volume (4)
    Low (10)
    Mid (0)
    High (6).

    Lead channel
    Pre gain (10)
    Trash & gain button (whatever)
    Low (10)
    Mid (0)
    High (6)
    Post gain (4)
    Reverb (2).

    Ultra Plus 120W

    Equipment Used
    PRS Custom 22
    Rocktron HUSH pedal
    Snarling Dog WHINE-O Wha-Wha pedal

    I play a PRS Custom 22, very hot lead pickup. I play Classic Rock and Heavy Metal. The above settings lean more toward the Metallica and Ozzy stuff, but work for classic rock with a heavier sound. I bought this amp after I (finally) spilled a beer down the guts of my 1991 5150! I love the 5150, but the Ultra, with the clean channel, gets so many more sounds. The above settings are waht I came up with when trying to recreate my 5150 sound. I'd say the 5150 has a distinct kick butt sound and can't be exactly reproduced. But, the Ultra comes *really* close. If I could only own one I'd take the Ultra. Luckly I'm fortunate enough to have both (I sent the 5150 to Peavey directly in MS, and they fixed it right up).

    Master (3)
    Reverb (3)
    Edge (9)
    Body (2)
    Bottom (7)
    Ultra Vol (6-8)
    Ultra Gain (8)
    Crunch Vol (4-5)
    Crunch Gain (7)
    Clean HI (8)
    Clean MID (4)
    Clean LO (8)
    Clean Vol (4)

    Ultra SW (IN)
    Crunch SW (IN)
    Channel SW (IN)
    Bright SW (OUT)
    Resonance SW (top most position)
    Output SW (full 120W)

    I rarely use the reverb.

    Vegas 400

    Thick and Round
    Equipment Used: BW 1501-4 speaker

    Steel Channel Settings
    Pre Gain: variable
    Post Gain: 7
    Low: +12
    Paramid: 250-300 (around 9 o'clock)
    Shift: 800 (around 2 o'clock)
    High: 0 to -1 or +1
    Presence: 0 to +3
    Reverb: as needed, usually +/-4 (around 10 o'clock)

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