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  • Amps for Mesa Boogie

    • Datum:   01-08-2009 13:02
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    Pro Jr Clone
    This is the sound of a Fender Pro Jr at about 4 cloned to a Mesa DC3. Spanky but full, with a nice bluesy sustain. Best with a Strat.

    Mesa clean channel: Gain 4.5, Treble 6, Mid 2.5, Bass 4, Presence 7, Reverb 2, Master 3, output to taste. Have fun.

    Dual Rectifier

    Metal Rhythm / Lead
    Equipment Used
    Ibanez RG-7, Boss Digital Delay5 , Boss Chorus Ensembler and wah. Rectifier 4x12 closed cabinet.

    Why I'm sharing this information is because I know how hard it is to get a great sound out of this machine (it took me about 2 months, "PITA" (pain in the ass)). I use this settings and setup live onstage.

    Set channel setting to "Normal" with Vintage Orange and Modern Red. Loop select at "Auto Orange".

    Timebased effects should be in the effectloop so put the delay pedal there. The Wah and the chorus goes with the guitarinput.

    Settings. 0-10

    Orange Vintage Channel(Lead):
    Master: 5
    Presence: 5-6
    Bass: 4-5
    Mid: 3-4
    Treble: 6-7
    Gain: 10

    Red Modern Channel(Rhythm)
    Master: 5
    Presence: 2-3
    Bass: 7
    Mid: 3-4
    Treble: 5
    Gain: 5-10 (the lower gain, the crunchier and more attacking sound)

    Led Leppelin - Moby Dick
    Equipment Used
    2001 Gibson SG Standard -> Dunlop Mister Crybaby Super-> 2001 Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Solo Head -> Two ADA 100 watt 2x12 cabinets

    Sound of Jimmy Page's Guitar in the song Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin) as well as the other song Heartbreaker. But it its closer to Moby Dick.

    Lead Channel: Modern Selection
    Gain: 1'o clock
    Treble: 2'o clock
    Mid: 2 1/2'o clock
    Bass: Full (low volumes) one 'o clock (higher volumes)
    Presence: 1 1/2 'o clock
    Master: 9 'o clock
    Output: your choice (main volume adjustment)

    F-Series 100

    Modern Hard Rock
    Equipment Used
    Gibson Les-Paul through F-100 head with marshall 4X12 Cab,cry baby wah and boss super chorus.

    This is more a modern hard rock sound that is very beefy and tight. Good for rhythm work especially with power chords.

    Gain: 1 o-clock
    Treble: 2 o-clock
    Mid: 10 o-clock
    Bass: 4 o-clock
    Reverb: 0
    Master: 4 o-clock

    Do not pump the bass past half-way mark for it will wreck you're pre amp. This amp is already bassy enough as is.


    Throaty Roar
    Equipment Used
    Mesa Boogie S.O.B.
    Ibanez TS-9
    Epiphone Sheraton II

    This setup will ahcieve a full throated roar that blooms alot way after you strike a chord. fat and warm with highs enough to really nail your solos.

    Epiphone Sheraton II: tones all the way up. I use the bridge pickup for rhythm and roll the volume back to about 8. Keep the neck pickup full out, and just flip the switch up for solos.

    Ibanez TS-9: drive at abou 3 or 4 tone at halfway, and volume almost cranked. Use it for extra volume and sustain.

    Mesa Boogie S.O.B: use the number 2 input set volume 2 to about 3, master volume to between 7 and 10. bass at 3 or 4 treble at 7 and mid at 5. These amps have limiters, but don't use it.

    Rock & Roll
    To get this sound, you should play a Gibson SG Special with a P-94 pickup. Here's the settings:

    Gain: hotter than hell
    Treble: Cranked up to 8
    Bass: keep it on 5. Let the bassguitar do the basswork.
    Middle: about 3-4.
    Presence: begin with setting this button up to half scale.

    Then you can laborate your own sound by just shifting the presence button. These settings are excellent for playing in a shitty rock-group.

    Good luck!

    Single Rectifier

    Modern Rock
    Equipment Used
    Gibson Les Paul through a Single Rectifier Head and Marshall 4 X 12 Cab effects.
    Crybaby wah and Boss Chorus

    Hard rock sound reminisent to later Metallica or Bad Religon. Finding these settings was a pain so hopefully it will help you.

    Modern Channel
    Master: 12 O'Clock
    Presence: 10 O'Clock
    Bass: 1 O'Clock
    Mid: 10 O'Clock
    Treble: 1 O'Clock
    Gain: 1 O'Clock

    Studio .22 Plus


    Equipment Used
    Boss ce-1, danelectro coolcat, mxr phase 90, boss tr2, mxr dynacomp, boss dd3, ibanez ts808, les paul, 57 strat

    Thick warm crunch.. sparkling cleans

    gain-4, master-6, clean-7, treble-6, mid-3, bass-8, presence-5, verb-4

    Tri-Axis Preamp

    Heavy Clear Rhythm
    Equipment Used
    Tri-axis preamp, Strat with a DiMarzio PAF Pro151 Bridge, Stereo slap delay from the processor of your choice, Boogie 20/20 power amp (or 290 simul-class)

    I needed a really nasty sound for a session I was playing. Trouble was that most of them lost all sense of the note. The levels must stay pretty close to these to get it to stay clear in open or tuned down rhythm.

    Gain: 6
    Treble: 9 - you can play with this one
    Mid: 6
    Bass: 6.5
    Lead Drive 1: 5.5
    Lead Drive 2: not used
    Master: 5
    Presence: 6
    Dynamic Voice: 5 - This one really alters the tone
    Mode Lead one red

    Triple Rectifier

    Modern Rock Distortion
    Equipment Used
    Triple Rectifier solo head with a Fender Double Fat Stratocaster set the the bridge pickup which is a seymour duncan pearly gate plus and the cable is a Monster Cable (Performer 500 monster rock) the speaker cabinet is a mesa boogie standard 4x12 recto cab.

    A distortion that is thick and creamy, great for lead and rythm guitar. This sound is found in modern rock and punk rock.

    This tone comes from the new 3 channel heads mesa makes now. I'm not familiar with the old 2 channel heads but i would guess you would get about the same kind of tone.

    Footswitch on, effects loop on footswitch
    Effects loop mixer controls at normal
    Channel 2 set to modern
    Presence: 4-6 (11:00-12:00)
    Master: wherever you want it -- mines at 5(12:00)
    Gain: 8 (3:00)
    Bass: 6-7 (2:00-4:00)
    Mid: 5 (12:00)
    Treble: 5 (12:00)

    For effects I would put the time effects through the effects loop and wah, chorus or reverb infront between the guitar and amp.

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