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  • Amps for Rivera

    • Datum:   27-07-2009 17:56
    • Autor:  
    • Ispiši   Stranicu


    Equipment Used
    Music Man Albert Lee or Luke Signature guitars. Rivera R55 112 amp.

    Nice round bottom end, sparkly top-end, and slightly recessed mids. With guitar volume cranked the sound will break up a bit or get pretty crunchy depending on how hot your pickups are. Rolling back volume cleans up and sounds good for R&B rhythm on neck p/u, gets a bit honky on bridge p/u for Stones-style sound.

    Channel 2 settings on the Rivera: Gain-5, Treb-8, Mid-3, Bass-3, Master 3-4 w/Ninja boost on, presence-3, set Reverb to taste. All Rivera amps are similar so you can use these settings with other models.

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