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  • Amps for Randall

    • Datum:   27-07-2009 17:55
    • Autor:  
    • Ispiši   Stranicu

    RG 100-ES

    True Metal
    Equipment Used
    Jackson PS-3 V w/ JB in bridge
    Sonic 4x12 slant cab with EV 30's
    BOSS Ns-2 Noise Suppressor
    BOSS Mt-2 Metal Zone

    True heavy metal tone, with mids. Perfect for Maiden, older Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Iced Earth and so on.......

    Jackson-> NS-2-> MT-2-> Randall

    Used on clean channel

    Presence: 8
    Bass: 10
    Mid: 8
    Treble: 10
    Volume: 3

    Thick, Singing Distortion
    Equipment Used
    Randall RG 100-ES head, Boss RV-3 reverb/delay, Dunlop cry baby, a very old MXR noise gate/line driver. Mid 70's Mitchell cabinet w/4 G-30 Celestions

    A very thick distortion. Early Van Halen, early Gary Moore Victims of the future era. I am constantly aproached on how I get my sound.

    Bass: 7
    Mid: 7
    Treble: 5
    Presence: 5
    Gain: 3:00
    Reverb: off

    I always use the hot red chanell with the treble knob pulled activating the clipping diode for infinate sustain.

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