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  • Amps for Laney

    • Datum:   25-07-2009 20:46
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    30 Pro Tube Head

    Smooth Sustain
    Equipment Used:

    * Laney 30 watt all tube pro head
    * Randall s/s 80 watt head
    * Boss DS-1

    Setup: Laney 30 watt head is connected to the randall head with a patch cord. Use the high sensitivity jacks....the Laney has the Pre Amp at 7, the master at 3-5. All tone push pots are pulled out for DB Boost. Set the Treble to 0, the Mid to 10, the Bass to 10, and the Prescence to 5. The Randal's settings are Treble: 0, Mids: 7, Bass: 5, Prescence: 5, Pre Gain: 7, Master: 3, and Reverb: 5. Use the red led distortion channel. The Boss DS-1 distortion pedal's settings are: Tone at 0, Gain at 9, Level at 5. Even with my Strat, single coil pickups sound so smooth. Definitely a Gary Moore style sound.

    50 HCA

    Big rock/grunge sound for beginners or on a budget.

    Keep it on the clean channel and set reverb at around 2. Plug your instrument (preferably with humbucking pickups) into the lo input and set the volume to the desired level. Turn the bass knob at about 8, the mid to about 3 and the treble all the way up to ten. Turn the DS-1 TONE control to about 3 and the distortion FULL ON! put the level around 3/4 of the way up. This should achieve a big sound considering it is only a transistor amp with a 'basic' pedal. An alternative I use to this is to select a single coil NECK pickup, turn the DS-1 tone up fully high and set your guitars tone pot all the way down. This may be used for 'dropped-d' tuned riffs or as a third guitar overdub.

    Fuzzy Blues
    Thick and full tone close to a cross between Hendrix and Muddy Waters.

    Use lo-gain input on the amp for the guitar. Run the effects unit through the loop on the rear of the amp. Set gain control on peddle to 3/4. Then use clean channel on the amp. Set bass on the amp at 3/4, mid on amp at 1/2, and treble on amp between 1/2 and 3/4.

    LC 15

    Creed (Entire My Own Prison)
    Equipment Used
    Squire Strat w/Lil '59 in Bridge, Zoom 5000 Distortion Pedal, Laney LC 15

    With this combination you can get the PERFECT sound of Creed's guitar at a seriously reasonable volume. I fell upon this sound searching for the perfect sound for One and Whats This Life For.

    ll controls on 10. P/U switch on bridge/middle position.

    Zoom 5000: R+B, Level wherever you like, Gain cranked, Low @ 2 o'clock, High @ 11 o'clock.

    Laney LC 15: Gain-whatever gives you the correct volume, Bright switch off, bass, mid, and treble at 12 o'clock, Volume cranked. You need to play with the gain setting just a little bit, to the point where you get the amp just on the clean side of breaking up. This is also good for a nice jazzy sound if you're into that.

    LC 50

    Equipment Used
    Guitar: Godin ST-IV or any guitar with neck p/u+ a guitar lead.

    Santana's tone in his latest album supernatural

    Bass: 4
    Middle: 9
    Treble: 10
    Gain: 8-9
    Volume: min 2(if you increase the volume turn down the gain a bit)

    TF 200

    Slash Distortion
    Equipment Used
    Laney TF 200
    Epiphone SG 310 Junior
    Korg Ax100g

    Distorted Rhythm has a good crunch sound and a natural lead sound with good sustain.

    Gain: 8.5
    Volume: 3-5
    Enhance: 6
    Bass: 6.5
    Mid: 4
    Treble: 6-7

    Effects: Drive Dist 2 Gain 1 Nr(Noise Reduction)15

    Guitar: Volume-10, Tone-6

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