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  • Amps for Fender

    • Datum:   24-07-2009 18:24
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    Blues Jr.

    Description: One small blast of classic blues and hendrixian feedback, chords get a little mushy and blurry but single notes are huge and organic.

    Setting: The only vital setting for big tone is the master volume being CRANKED. Preamp volume between half and full blast. EQ settings all somewhere in the middle, reverb off or on 1-2. To add bottom end and volume, mike the Jr. and plug into solid state. A echobox or reverb or chorus can be used on he microphone line (this creates stereo effects).


    Rock and Roll
    Description: I play mostly rock 'n roll type stuff, AC/DC, Aerosmith, etc., but it works great for punk, (which is the kind of band I'm in) and probably other stuff, too.

    Setting: Bass at 10, middle at 8, treble at 6 and a half, presence at 6 and a half. Master can be put to taste, but in my experience, the louder the usual. I set the drive on the amp at 6 and a half, on the drive channel. That could be increased if you don't have a Tubescreamer or the like. On the Tubescreamer, I set the tone and drive at 12 O' Clock. the level is usually to taste, or, in my case, what time it is. The more drive channel on the amp works for a solo boost, or just when you want the guitar to sound dirtier. You can put some reverb on, too, if you so desire.

    Description: Nice bright but bass filled creed clean tone.

    Treble: 10
    Bass: 5
    Mid: 5
    Volume: Whatever you want, it always sounds better loud.

    Hot Rod Deluxe

    Description: Really fat Leslie West/Paul Kossoff lead tone with superb natural sustain, on the edge of feeding back. Very loud and big!

    Setting: Plug in to socket number 2, with guitar on neck pickup. Set eq with bass around 9 or 10, with mid and treble about halfway. Drive should be set around 3, but open master volume to 7. Use "more drive" option with just a touch of reverb, between 1 and 2.

    Princeton Chorus

    Treble: 10
    Mid: 4-5
    Reverb: between 3 and 4
    Gain: 7
    Mid Boost: off
    Limiter: 4
    Presence: 0
    Volume: wherever you want it

    Prosonic Combo

    Huge Gain
    Description: Huge gain with lots of rich overtones and a beautiful clean sound.

    Gain 1: 4-5
    Gain 2: 5-6
    Treble: between 7-9
    Bass: between 7-9
    Mid: 5
    Master: as loud as you can stand!
    Reverb: 2-3

    Power Tube Dirt
    Description: That elusive power tube distortion

    Setting: In class A mode, use clean channel. Turn volume all the way up, and eq's all the way down. Gradually bring up the eq's till it's loud enough for you; for me, it's around 2 for bass and mid, 3 for treble.

    Nice Gain
    Gain 1: 3
    Gain 2: 2
    Treble: around 4
    Bass: around 6
    Mid: 5
    Master: as loud as you can stand!

    Roc Pro 1000

    Death Metal
    Description: Awesome heavy metal tone... works great with humbuckers.

    Gain (red): 9
    Treble : 4
    Mid: 0
    Bass: 5-6 (according to your pickup's bass quality)
    Mid Boost: off

    Super 112

    Description: The Super 112 is an all tube 60 watt 1 x 12" combo put out in the early 90's. It gets those gorgeous clean Fender sounds and when punched into overdrive can rock with the best of them. I personally think the Super 112 to be one of the most reliable and versatile amps Fender ever made. Reverb is pretty good too. Overdrive channel is footswitchable.

    Setting: This amp can be set to get everything from the jazziest woody tones, spanky country twang, grit, and out and out hard core grind. It has a speaker out jack and an effects loop....I never used them. Great gigging amp.

    Vibro Champ

    Blues Tone
    Guitar: Ibanez RGT42, Strat, Les Paul etc
    OD: Vox Cooltron Big Ben Overdrive

    Volume: 10 (natural overdrive)
    Bass: 4
    Treble: 6-7

    Have the pedal set with the gain at 0 and the volume at 10 and the tone around 2 o'clock.
    Roll off your guitars volume a bit so that there is almost no breakup on the neck pickup.

    Vibrolux Blackface

    Setting: Fender Vibrolux (60's) turned up full; Reverb set at 2. Pups on his '53 Tele: Duncan quarter pounder in the back; Bill Lawrence Tele in the front.

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