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  • Amps for Ampeg

    • Datum:   24-07-2009 18:12
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    Description: This sound is very much in the vain of cool pop-punk all the way to a harder core by just adjusting the bass.

    Setting: Okay, on channel A, turn it on. Put the master at whatever level your ears will handle. Put the High at 6, the Ultra Mid at 4.5, the Low at 3.5, and the gain at between 3.5 and 5.5.


    High Gain Crunch
    Description: Lots of nice Crunchy distortion. Good for classic rock. Really good for newer grunge and alternative. Excellent for Metallica type metal crunch distortion.

    Setting: I use an Epiphone CMP-II pro plugged straight in. Anything with a Dimarzio Super Distortion will work good though.

    Pre-amp: all the way up
    Gain: all the way up
    Lows: 3 o'clock
    Mids: 4 o'clock
    Mid Frequency Switch: 5
    High: 2 o'clock
    Volume & Reverb: as much or little as you like
    Presence: none

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